8Ball & MJG "Ten Toes Down" Mp3

Jadakiss - I Stay Ten Toes Down Lyric

Yall Niggas is Liars
You need to stop watching The Wire
Cause you never been throughout the fire
Im posted on this block till i retire
Cause Homie I Stay Ten Toes Down

Yo me i tear the town up
Pull the 40s out, put the pounds up
Whenever the regulaters mound up
Started from the ground up
Couple years later Now What
Still get em now but
Im just more discrete about it
If i get indited all you gonna do is read about it
Somebody Gonna bleed about it
Yea these niggas know he about it
I never been out of character thoe, Im always a G about it
Im in the Streets where there no rules
everybodys so cruel
til u take a leak on them protools
and i aint been innocence bout then
I planted my ten toes down in the cement
You can get em long as you say u aint get em from kisses
Im always in some type of bullshit
I run the block like i got a permenit
If u really pay attention than u have heard
much than these different nerds arent really mired.

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8Ball & MJG "Ten Toes Down"
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