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You brainwashed not to know you grew up wanting to be a pimp, you wanted to be a player (Right)
You know, you grew up wanting to be these different things that are role models to you in your neighborhood,
until you figure out that...hold on...
I'm finna be the first role model that ain't that (Right)

Well I had a chance to listen to the album, it's very chill, it definitely makes you wanna smoke some weed
(Oh it do?)
Yeah, and I don't even really smoke (You wanna hit some right now?)
I don't know if we're allowed to do that in here
(We need curtains, we need curtains in here)
No, Snoop can do what he wanna do
(I don't think so...)
Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness

The way I feel about Snoop
The way I feel about Snoop

And there ain't no doubt about it
Regarded as the precious
I done been everywhere that you wanna go
Now look up, I shook up the game
Hell yeah, they love the dog
Grandmomma's worldwide wanna hug the dog

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Snoop Dogg - Feel About Snoop
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