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YG - This Yick Lyric

YG the rapper don't trick, but YG the rapper got dick
YG in a Porsche getting' bang from a slut
That I cracked on the bus, I don't give a fuck, nigga what?
Mustard on the beat so you know they gettin' plucked
Fucked like I've been watchin' PornHub on dust
Fuck you from the back with your ass up
Pussy gettin' mashed up, smashed up, mashed like potatoes
Shake it out, aye though!
Bitch named Vaughna ass stacked like Legos
I just wanna fuck, fuck all that soft shit
Her nigga got limp, what's that? He got a soft dick
Her nigga can't get in, I be doin' a sit-in
Hit it form the back, smack, smack, 'til it giddy up
Her nigga broke, he ain't gettin' money, nigga broke
If I was you I'd probably fuck me too - bitch!

Girl I know you want this dick
Girl I know you want this dick
Girl I know you...

Girl I know you want this dick
Girl I know you want this dick
Give it to you like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam
Give it to you like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam

Maybe I should drink the whole fifth
Niggas always eatin' on shrimp
I ain't used to smoke heavy, now I gotta keep a whole zip
Niggas always talkin' that shit
Your money don't be makin' no sense
Pull up to the hood with no tint
Niggas gotta eat, don't slip
Mustard on the beat, so don't trip
My flow just be makin' hoes sick
I fucked her last week, she cum quick
Everything you see you don't get
Every nigga ballin' ain't rich
Every nigga hatin' is a bitch
And every nigga with him ain't shit
It's lookin' like the denim gon' rip
But Dom K the rapper won't quit
And Dom K the rapper don't trick
On girls that can barely suck dick
She like when I watch
And on her birthday, I but my dick in her box

Sweet daddy got dick, JM is active
I'm a baby mama killer, your bitch she can get it
You text a bitch, she be like "babe, I'm just chillin'"
My daddy was a ratchet, I sleep with the ratchet
Break a bitch back, I don't need no practice
It's broke-bitch Kay, suckin' with the magnum
You ain't a rich bitch in a Magnum - bop
Bop bop bleed 'em, Boscoe, we bleed 'em
Fuck a basketball wife with PT and G an 'em
I'm a hood rat's hood rat - hood rat
If you need it you can get that
Fuck, back on the couch
I took a bitch down in a sec
Your bitch get around in the set
I dicked the bitch down in the set
The bitch got the set on her neck
I fucked the bitch down in the set

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YG- This Yick lyrics
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