Young Roc - I Get Around (prod. by Young Roc)#hennygivensunday coming soon Mp3

Super Dee Tha Kid - Knockout2 [Prod,By Young Shun] Lyric

[Super Dee Tha Kid Talking]

This How We Doing It?
With This One?
Fuck It.
Uh Uh

[Verse 1: Super Dee Tha Kid]

Niggas On The Internet Talking Shit Just Like They Global
Only Known Around The City We Don't Know You Boy You Local
Bitch I'm Ranked #4 Reverbnation I Don't Use It
And You Not About That Action That You Speaking In Your Music
Gassed Up That You Are Nigga Thinking That He Hot
Thinking That He Making Moves Tell That Fat Nigga To Stop
You A Op I Call The Shots In This City I'm That Guy
Dissed This Motherfucker Once And He Was Too Scared To Reply
He Don't Want Beef So He Steady Coming At Me With That Pork
Think He Safe In The Port Well Your Luck Is Running Short
Repping Brooklyn But He Scared Cause He Cant Go Back To New York
He That Nigga That Was Known For Never Coming Off The Porch
You Fugazy Everything Is False That Come Up Out Ya Mouth
Why Yall New York Niggas Acting Like Yall From The South
You Talking Tough I Call Your Bluff This Nigga Thugging In The House
Moving Plates At Waffle House Is The Only Thing You Bout
Bitch I'm the Shit Get Popped Like A Lick Get You Flipped
Since You Yelling Movie Boys I Give Your Ass This Fucking Clip
I Let It Rip Like A Goblin Nigga You Know I'm A Monster
And Your Own Man Said That He Don't Want No Fucking Problem
Check Me Out I'm Going In These Niggas Cause They Lazy
Thinking That I'm Not A Factor On Life These Niggas Crazy
Mellow Grady Dropped My Name Who Is He? he Just A Loser
Gotta Go By Mario Because He Know He Cant Be Super
You A Lame And You Know It Lil Nigga Its A Fact
Ripped You Apart in 2010 But You Keep Coming Back
You Couldn't See Me Back Then & You Cant See Me Today
This Nigga Thought That He Was On Cause He Was Repping EPK
Nigga Was A Boy Scout I Cant Flex Cause I Was One
But Then I Went And Joined The Army You Still Living Like A Bum
I'm Not Dumb I'm Army Strong And Nigga I Don't Need No Muscles
Now Let Me Get Back To This Shitty Nigga Hustle
Aye Jreese Start The Clock I Spark This L and Cock The Glock
He Gone Be Drunk After This Track He Just Taking All These Shots
And This Nigga Wearing Coogi And Some Jordans Think He Balling
I'm In Louie True Religion Gucci And Yves Saint Laurent
You A Fool You A Rapper But You Scared Of Competition
Niggas Food In The Business So I Eat Him Like A Biscuit
And You Know I Got This Biscuit Bag em up like he was lunch meet
Every time I Say Biscuit The Nigga Listen Now He Hungry
With Rapping I'm Your Father Lee Hustle You're My Child
How You Gonna Run The City When You Cannot Run A Mile
I'm In The Front Move To The Back You Getting Clapped For Rosa Parking
That 240 looking through my iron sights and you my target
Niggas talking bout beef but folding up when it get it started
and I'm just bullshitting i aint even go my hardest
its a joke like your career shout out to Illuminati
cause they know how i get down and i just caught a double body

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Young Roc - I Get Around (prod. by Young Roc)#hennygivensunday coming soon
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